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Charlotte Advocates for Education was established in 1991, as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Education Foundation, by a group of key business and community leaders who had a vision for cultivating private support for local public education.

Since that time, Advocates for Education has worked to build citizen awareness and understanding of the need for high quality public education in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.


Charlotte Advocates for Education is an independent advocate that works to empower the community to improve and ensure quality public education for every child.


The mission of Charlotte Advocates for Education is to define the issues and advocate for the changes required to permanently improve the quality of public education in Mecklenburg County.

Guiding Principles

Based upon Charlotte Advocates for Education’s definition of quality public education, we believe that there are important gaps to be filled between what exists now and what is the ideal.  We also believe that these gaps need to be filled as soon as possible, recognizing that all sectors of our society are affected by the quality of the school system’s graduates.  Finally, we believe that the public school system cannot improve by itself and that it needs the commitment, expertise, time and money of all segments of the community.

Regarding public education:

  1. Advocates for Education’s primary focus is on the traditional school system.
  2. We believe an integrated, diverse environment is essential as we prepare our youth for the complexities of our society.
  3. The school system needs to make changes that affect the system as a whole.
  4. We understand and value innovative approaches that advance and support our definition of quality public education.
  5. We believe each person in Mecklenburg County must take an active role in public education.

Regarding the work of Advocates for Education:

  1. We are an independent body, collaborating closely with the community but not aligned with any special group or interest.
  2. We will take stands to positively impact the system affecting schools so that our definition of quality public education can be met.
  3. We believe that collaboration with a variety of groups is necessary to determine which issues are the most important for the community to address.
  4. We spend our time and funds on activities that directly and measurably impact the school system and the community in which it operates.
  5. All of our fund recipients will demonstrate accountability for the use of Charlotte Advocates for Education funding

Definition of Quality Public Education

Charlotte Advocates for Education’s definition of quality public education includes the following interdependent elements:

  • Strong leadership and vision
  • Quality instruction
  • Clear standards, assessment and accountability
  • Adequate and equitable resources
  • Family participation
  • Community involvement